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McKenna & Co is committed to providing a high level of service to all clients. The firm's services should be recognised as being expert, accurate and appropriate. The firm strives to ensure that its advice is cost effective and communicated in a manner that is appropriate for each client. The firm is also committed to providing a truly professional service, meaning that all personnel must act with integrity in all their dealings with clients. This is in part achieved by ensuring that everyone complies with the provisions of the Solicitors' Practice Regulations 1987 (Client relations). All personnel should at all times consider the need to perform to the 'four Cs', namely: competence, confidentiality, commitment and courtesy.



The firm will accept instructions only where it can meet its commitment to the provision of an expert and professional service to clients. Where instructions would be beyond the expertise or the capabilities of the firm they will be declined. The firm will consider any type of work and the Director will ultimately decide whether or not to take on the work.



All employees are bound by the professional rules which require confidentiality to be maintained in all dealings with clients. This means that nobody may reveal to any outsider the nature of instructions provided or advice given to any client, other than in the pursuit of the client's instructions. In most circumstances it will also be inappropriate to reveal that the firm is in receipt of instructions from any named client. This is particularly the case in litigation, especially crime or divorce. Breaches of confidentiality will usually be treated by the Director as a serious disciplinary offence.



We recognise, clients seek legal advice for a variety of reasons, but many approach a solicitor when they are vulnerable and in turmoil, whether in their personal lives or in their business activities. All our clients are entitled to expect a genuine commitment from all personnel in handling their instructions, and for the firm to attach appropriate priority to their requirements.



All our clients are entitled to be dealt with in a respectful and courteous manner. This will have many implications, from not keeping clients waiting in the reception area without explanation, to showing them the way to and from meeting rooms, to returning telephone calls and e-mails as a priority, and generally taking an interest in them and their problems. All personnel should show a genuine concern for the firm's clients by doing their best to help them.


Communicating with Clients

It is important that the firm should at all times project a sense of professionalism in its dealings with clients.

  • The following will be communicated to clients in writing, unless an alternative form of communication is deemed to be more appropriate:
  • establish the client's requirements and objectives;
  • provide a clear explanation of the issues involved and the options available to the client;
  • explain what the fee-earner will and will not do;
  • agree with the client the next steps to be taken;
  • keep the client informed of progress, as agreed;
  • establish in what timescale that matter will be dealt with;
  • establish the method of funding;
  • consider whether the intended action would be merited on a cost benefit analysis;
  • agree an appropriate level of service;
  • explain your responsibilities and the client's;
  • the client is given the name and status of the person dealing with their matter;
  • ensure the client is given the name of person responsible for the overall supervision of their matter.

This is achieved by use of the general client care letter and the firm's standard terms.


Complaints handling

Our firm therefore operates a complaints handling process that seeks to ensure that it:

  • knows about client dissatisfaction when if and when it does arise;
  • takes all reasonable steps to ensure that the dissatisfaction is addressed and resolved wherever possible;
  • reassures all clients who do complain that the firm will address their concerns without delay and that it takes all complaints seriously;
  • learns from experience to lessen the risk of complaints in the future.
  • The Full version of the Complaints Procedure is available on request.


Monitoring Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is reviewed on a case by case basis by all our fee earners. Alexis McKenna has overall responsibility for this and will conduct client satisfaction surveys where these are deemed appropriate in order to provide information for the firm's annual review.




 Lexcel Practice Management Standard - Law Society Accredited

Lexcel Practise Management Standard is awarded to practises who meet the highest management and customer care standards. 

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